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IMG_5549“It’s time,” I said to my husband as we sat together a few weeks ago, talking about the ways grief has touched EVERY part of our lives.

“Time for what?” he responded.IMG_5547

“It’s time for you to film my grief story. So many people are suffering the agony of traumatic loss like we did when my brother took his life. We have to do something to let others know there is help and hope. Will you do that with me?”

IMG_3022So, here it is. If you or someone you love has been touched by traumatic loss…

Please share this video with them.

This is my Story…For Those Who Weep (video)

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IMG_0639For the last year, I’ve been voluntarily teaching free art classes to those who are grieving a traumatic loss due to suicide, murder, and accidental death. It has been an incredibly sacred experience.

To continue funding these free classes, I’ve set up a “For Those Who Weep” Etsy shop which contains my original collages, prints, notecards, and journals. All the proceeds from the sales go back in Inverse Ministries (our non-profit organization) so that we can continue offering these free classes in our community. Your purchase will help a hurting heart find healing. Please spread the word.


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