It’s been 8 years since you left. But no matter how much time passes…

Grief can still skew my perspective.

On those days, it’s time to ascend.

And find a little bit of peace to hold onto.


The calendar says it’s been seven years since you left…

But I’m sure it’s only been seven minutes–tops.

I argue that grief has changed the way time moves and passes…

But perhaps it’s just that grief has changed me.


I never thought I’d make it six minutes after my brother’s death, let alone six years. But, here I am. Still standing.


I put on my father’s old leather boots, grab my walking stick, and head up the mountain…

IMG_6540IMG_5006.JPGBy the time I get to the top, I begin to remember the life well-lived instead of only the death that swept me up in its furious agony.


IMG_6538And although I can’t explain it, my heart finds a moment of peace in remembering a day I’d rather forget.




IMG_2638The holidays carry with them an additional, exaggerated weight of grief. Because my family’s loss happened at Christmas, I understand this to an even greater degree. But, there is hope and help! My go-to resource is Grief Share’s Surviving the Holidays event and corresponding booklet. You can find more information here.





ArtClassMay., 2016