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Over time this blog has become as much about artistic expression as it is about grief. For me, they are somewhat rolled into one.


This year, I joined a group of Christian artists from around the world at His Kingdom Come to worship God through visual arts expression. (Actually I should also mention that His Kingdom Come is offering an on-line grief/art class entitled, “Good Grief” available from fellow HKC artist, Kathy Shaull.) Anyway, it’s not easy to worship Him when your heart is shattered. I soooo know. But I’ve discovered that doing so somehow shift my perspective off my painful grief and onto God’s glorious hope.


So what? So…His Kingdom Come is launching a new set of stencils (like the one below) to help others worship God through creative expression and I want to help.


So, I’m doing what I can to serve into this launch which includes my video tutorial about how I used one of their new stencils to create this piece of artwork.


Those of you who are participating in the blog hop (looking for the instructions and letter to collect from me) you will have to watch the entire video. Below is the list of other blog hop participants so you can collect all the letters you need. Watch my video for the full instructions on how to participate. By the way, it doesn’t matter where you start within the blog hop. Each blog has the complete list of participants.

His Kingdom Come

Diane Marra

Penny Bragg

Pearl Brown

Bernice Hopper

Mary Brack

Kathy Shaull

Tricia Berg

Paula Parkison

Shonna Bucaroff

Please join the His Kingdom Come community at www.his-kingdom-come.com

Check out the His Kingdom Come store and purchase the Praise Him stencils

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IMG_5549“It’s time,” I said to my husband as we sat together a few weeks ago, talking about the ways grief has touched EVERY part of our lives.

“Time for what?” he responded.IMG_5547

“It’s time for you to film my grief story. So many people are suffering the agony of traumatic loss like we did when my brother took his life. We have to do something to let others know there is help and hope. Will you do that with me?”

IMG_3022So, here it is. If you or someone you love has been touched by traumatic loss…

Please share this video with them.

This is my Story…For Those Who Weep (video)

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